Stann Creek District

Sprawled across 986 square meters, Stann Creek District is full of wonderful opportunities. Tourists can go sport fishing, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, hiking, bird watching, and even cultural tours are available.

About Stann Creek District – There are about 34,000 people in Stann Creek District and this includes Mestizo, Garifuna, Maya and Creole communities. These communities have their own cultural uniqueness and lived away from the hubbub of mainstream Belize until recently. The Garifuna village and the Creole Placenia village are both located in Placenia Peninsula with its gorgeous white sands.

Fruit Exports – When it comes to its global place, Stann Creek District is known for its production of fruits, mainly banana and citrus fruits. At Big Creek, there is a deep water port and this is the point from where Europe and Britain get their fruits.

Coastal Villages – The coast of Stann Creek District has various fishing villages and little towns with their own amazing characters. The villages and coastal towns are ideal jumping points to reach the famous Belizean cays. The Great Barrier Reef can also be accessed when Stann Creek District’s coastal areas are visited.

Major Attractions – The shining glory of Stann Creek District is undoubtedly the Victoria Peak and the Maya Mountains. Visitors might also get a chance to witness natural beauty up-close in the tropical forests of the area. Other major area of interest includes the Maya Habitation that dates back to 10,000 B.C. Lubaantun and Nim Li Punit excursions in Toledo, the district neighboring Stann Creek, are also common for tourists visiting this region. In the inland, the Maya Mountains seem even more awe inspiring with lush forests at their feet housing the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve. It happens to be the first jaguar preserve in the world.

Capital of Stann Creek: Dangriga

Ø Reaching Dangriga – The capital of the district is Dangriga and there are a couple of ways of reaching this place. The Manatee Highway and the Hummingbird Highway can be used for reaching Dangriga. The Manatee Highway might be unpaved but is used daily by people and tourists and runs through Gales Point and other Creole villages. However, for the perfectly picturesque drive, the Hummingbird Highway is the obvious choice with its jungle landscape, citrus valleys, hills and tiny farms. The south of the Highway leads to Stan Creek Town or Dangriga.

Ø History – The historical significance of Dangriga is no less amazing that the place itself. In the late 1700s, Garinagu or Garifuna used a circuitous route to arrive in Belize. They included a mixture of Arawak people who had been forcibly evicted from St. Vincent and slaves from West Africa. Soon, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize coast saw these people settling down in small villages where their tradition, custom and language could be preserved.

Ø Modern Culture – In the current times, Dangriga is responsible for providing tour service and transport to the South Water Cay and is the largest town in Belize, Garifuna. Other cayes and the Barrier Reef of Belize are also linked to Dangriga. For experiencing traditional Garifuna drumming and cooking, tourists should go further south towards Seine Bright and Hopkins where the actual Garifuna culture can still be seen unfolding.

Placenia Village – However, the most popular and well known village of Stann Creek District is Placenia which is the perfect place for a laid back holiday. The main income generators of this place are fly fishing, reef tours and tourism. The main street of this village is the narrowest in the world and has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Stann Creek District also has a variety of beaches where people can let their hair down and soak up all the sun. In short, it is the perfect holiday destination for an adventure seeker and the average tourist.


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