Placencia is a small village that can be found on a narrow peninsula in southern Belize. The southernmost mile of the peninsula is a beachfront paradise that offers a breathtaking view of the enchanting cayes and the immensely beautiful barrier reef. Whether you are staying a while or just passing through, Placencia has some unique adventures awaiting visitors.

If marine adventure is on the itinerary, the options are endless. Kayaking, fly fishing, snorkeling, and diving are among some of the most popular activities to take part in. Each year during the full moons from April to July, lucky divers and beach goers will be able to see the famous whale sharks off the coast of Placencia.

The Placencia Lagoon is home to much exotic wildlife, including marine turtles, dolphins, snook, barracuda, and rare and endangered species of manatees. The lagoon serve as a nursery for an abundance of young marine life, but more often than not a dive under the water in this area will result in spotting a juvenile ray.

Those who prefer an adventure above the water can journey on the paved road across the Placencia Lagoon to the mainland to explore. There, visitors can see such wonders as the Maya Mountains, Inspiring Maya cities, rushing rivers, mystical rain-forests, and beautiful cascading waterfalls.

A visitor who can travel a bit outside of the small village will not regret a trip to the Mayan Ruins of Nim Li Punit and Lubantuum for a bit of culture. The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is also a point of interest for any visitor who enjoys seeing jaguars and other wildlife. This sanctuary is considered the main site for jaguar preservation across the globe. This 128,000 acre jungle preserve is also home to several other Belizean cats, such as the ocelot, the puma, the jaguarondi, and the margay. Bird watchers will also be interested to know that the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to over 300 different avian species.

Placencia is a great spot for the culinary adventurer to experience a colorful display of cuisine. Seafood is the specialty of the village, and it is always served fresh with local succulent flavors. Every June, the small beachfront village hosts the ultimate beach party and Lobsterfest. The festival brings myriads of people along with good food and lots of family games and activities. Enjoy the live music from local artists and gather the courage to enter the legendary Placencia Lobsterfest raffle.

February is another time of year that the locals in southern Belize really go all out for those in the village. Placencia Sidewalk Arts and Music Festival is a vibrant musical scene where local artists from Placencia and across Belize can showcase their finest work. Free spirited locals and visitors alike can take off their shoes and dance the night away to the rhythms of the Garifuna drums.

Marathons are big across the globe, and in recent years Placencia has begun hosting the End of the World Marathon. The course is a twenty six mile long journey that begins at the football field in Placencia village at the southern most end of the village and winds its way through Seine Bight Village, and Maya Beach, then loops back a few miles south of Riversdale. The perfectly flat course is an exceptional location for a marathon, and it has many breathtaking Caribbean vistas along the way.

Placencia is a small village that is off the beaten path, but it has a lot of adventures to be discovered. Whether you are staying for a while or just passing through, make sure to explore some of the spectacular views, amazing wildlife, and the enchanting culture this area of southern Belize has to offer.

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