Outer Cayes and Atolls in Belize

Want to get away from it all? You can’t get farther away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life than by visiting the world famous outer cayes and atolls in Belize. These extraordinary 450 beautiful gem islands located in a sea of exquisite shimmering aquamarine vary from exotic resorts to tiny dots of coral floating in high tide.

The islands, or outer cayes, dotted along the exotic Belize Barrier Reef are too many to name. However, they make up three of the four breathtaking coral atolls positioned in the Caribbean that include Glover’s Reef, Turneffe Island, and Lighthouse Reef.

Turneffe Islands Atoll

Turneffe Islands in Belize is the region’s biggest atoll stretching 10 miles wide and 30 miles long and surrounds countless lagoons and shallows. Located only a few short hundred yards off the reef, the atoll provides world-class fishing, snorkeling, and diving. Even though the atoll is famous for its wall diving, several shallow sea gardens within the reef are great for diving and snorkeling as well.

Lighthouse Reef Atoll

The Lighthouse Reef Atoll is located near the Blue Hole, the area’s most unique and famous underwater feature. The atoll is the most eastern of all the atolls and rests 50 miles southeast of charming Belize City.

The Blue Hole is an integral part of the attractive Lighthouse Reef System. Just 62 miles from Belize City, it’s the portal to a previous Ice Age cave. Today, it’s one of the most popular sites to dive worldwide.

Glover’s Reef Atoll

John Glover, the 17th century English pirate, used these magnificent islands to invade Spanish merchant ships and then hide the valuable treasures. Today, however, Glover’s Reef Atoll itself is the actual treasure that’s enjoyed by divers, boaters, campers, kayakers, anglers, and many research teams. Its unspoiled lagoon harbors as many as 750 coral patches. Beyond the ring of islands are 50 miles of vertical drop-offs ranging from 50 – 2,500 feet overall, along with a number of shipwrecks just waiting to be explored by adventurous divers. It takes about five hours to reach Glover’s Reef Atoll by boat.

Cayes of Belize

Tobacco Caye

Tobacco Caye is a beautiful five-acre palm-rich island with pristine beaches enclosed by sparkling, turquoise-colored waters from the shallow reef that runs along the island’s southern and eastern shoreline. Also, some of the best diving in the world is waiting for guests to come and explore.

St. George’s Caye

A quick 20-minute boat ride from Belize City makes gorgeous St. George’s Caye a wildly popular and busy spot among divers, snorkelers, and swimmers. Sun drenched, care-free, lazy beaches along with crystal blue waters create the perfect backdrop on a warm, sunny day.

South Water Caye

Just a short 30-minute trip from Dangriga rests the peaceful South Water Caye, an incredible 15-acre coral island over the barrier reef. The largest marine reserve in the area, South Water Caye Reserve, has a total of 185 square miles, which includes all the nearby islands and surrounding waters. Divers can almost swim to the amazing drop-offs from the shore.


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