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Belize has not only been a prime Caribbean holiday destination in the past few decades, it has also become a popular hot-spot for real-estate investments. The country, widely known for its laid-back settings, scenic beaches, and gorgeous verdant rainforest, boasts beautiful communities and reasonable cost of living. The country’s slow paced lifestyle and serene localities are perfect for the retired group too. When it comes to the tourist attractions and activities, Belize offers everything from wildlife watching to historic tours of Maya Ruins and even adventurous trekking. That surely makes the country a favorable destination for all property investors. Property values here in Belize have been on a steep, yet a steady increase during the last two decades. Even during the worst recession, Belize’s property market was not affected a bit.

To retire in Belize is a dream for many Americans and Canadians. The reason why many people select Belize retirement is because of its tropical relaxed setting, the comfort of home away from home and luxury property options at a much lower price. A recent survey also claims that Belize is now one of the favorite retirement destinations in the world. In fact, a number of Americans and Europeans are now considering buying property in Belize, so they can retire in Belize and spend the rest of their life in a peaceful setting, surrounded by friendly people. The year-round fabulous climate is also one of the few reasons to invest in Belize real estate.

It’s true that Belize property market is no longer as affordable as before. However, if you are familiar with the property price in the USA, Canada, and Europe, then Belize real estate can be a real bargain. To move to Belize and buy Belize real estate will not be an easy decision, if you consider comparing the property values and price only. The country has other advantages too, including its favorable climate, economic stability, and a stress-free lifestyle.

Even the cost of living in Belize is a plus point when compared with the cost of living in the USA, Europe and even other Caribbean destinations. Utility cost, housekeeping, and maintenance cost in Belize is significantly cheaper too. The tropical climate in this nation reduces energy bills, which is a major expense in North America considering the extreme temperatures in winter and summer. In fact, many homes in Belize have no air-conditioning as the sea breezes cool down the climate considerably.

Those property buyers and investors looking for bargains can check out the homes on sale in the Corozal District, where property prices are lower than other districts in the country. Although most investors head to the coastal district of Placencia for property buying, bargains are scarce in this district. In fact, many nearby districts offer excellent homes at a reasonable price, compared to Placencia. The southern neighborhoods in the Toledo District are also favorable for property investments.

Those contemplating to move to Belize will feel comfortable with the friendly, welcoming and English-speaking residents. The people in this small nation are, after all, the greatest Belizean treasure. It is true that owning a property in this touristy nation can be a good investment too. The property can be used as a source of income by making it a vacation home for the tourists in this beautiful Caribbean nation. However, it is equally important for all property buyers to understand the local real estate market before taking any decision.

If you are a foreign purchaser, there are certain things that you should know about the Belize real estate. The country has numerous tax advantages for foreign investors. There are two ways of owning a property in this nation. The first way is by purchasing the property in your name or in your business’s name. The second way is through a corporate share certificate. Sometimes, these rules and regulations can be overwhelming for a new home buyer or a property investor. The best way to understand the local real estate scenario can only be done through an exclusive consultation.

Your search for a home or property in Belize for investment should begin with a licensed and trusted real estate company. A number of local real estate companies offer assistance in buying properties in Belize. Take the Belize Terra Group for an instance. Whether you are looking forward to buy a beach home near to a secluded beach or a nice condo near to a convivial community, Belize Terra Group can also provide their assistance. This real estate company offers hot property listings, house lots at an affordable price, beachside condo and villa options and even vacant lands for property investors.

Buying a home or a property in a foreign country can be sometimes stressful too. A real estate company, who has local offices in many Belizean provinces, can easily help in finding the right property for your investment. If you have made up your mind to venture into the Belize real estate market, then make it a pleasant and impressive experience by taking professional assistance from the Belize Terra Group.

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