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Belizean Blogger Vies For Position On Kerala, India Blog Tour & Wants To Tell Us All About It

Rebecca, the author and creator of An Opinionated Guide to Belize – is going out on a limb.  A limb that could potentially mean one crazy string of flights – from Belize City to Houston, Texas to Munich, Germany to Mumbai to Trivandrum Airport in Southern India in February 2016.  Just over 10,000 miles in the air…coach of course.  To join a blogging tour organized by The Kerala India Tourism board (link: with 25 other international bloggers in one of the southern most regions of India.


Rebecca, a NYC transplant, has been living on Ambergris Caye for over 8 years – and blogging for 4 years.  On her site, she blogs about Ambergris Caye for the most part but for the last few years, about the entire country, and also about meeting fantastic people, traveling by bus, chatting with people in towns and villages, visiting ocean cayes and jungle caves, and eating just about anything she can get her hands on.

You may be asking yourself…what does Kerala, India – the other side of the world – have to do with Belize?   Here’s some answers:

Indians began arriving in Belize in the 1850s.  And 3% of the population of Belize, today (and I’d guess even more) are self described as East Indian.  You can find curry everywhere, and villages in Corozal and Toledo that are almost completely East Indian.

Kerala’s major production includes rubber, pepper, coconuts, cashews, tourism and fishing.  The folks down in Toledo, Belize who run the Belize Spice Farm & Botanical Gardens (link: are actually from Kerala and were struck how by how similar the climates are.

Similarities aside, the experience to share BELIZE with the local bloggers and the Kerala tourism board would be amazing.  Imagine if just one percentage of Keralans THOUGHT about vacation in Belize – that would be 345,000 people.  (The province, about 1.5x the size of Belize, has 34.5 million residents.)

Belize has 15 residents per square km.  Kerala?  859!

Who wouldn’t want to share the incredible wonders of Belize with the folks in India and this international blogging crew?


It’s so incredibly easy. The reef! The Maya culture! The people!  The jungle.  The wildlife. And…ahhhh….the food.

There is so much more.

So that’s that.  She’ll be reporting back often if she is chosen but she still NEEDS YOUR VOTES!  Voting ends at the stroke of midnight December 31st, 2015 – tomorrowVOTE HERE.




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